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1 FB: Show results  /EN Facebook group: Show results for NFO cats and kittens
2 www.catshow.eu/ /EN Cat Show Results from 2006: FIFe Shows in Poland, International & World Cat Shows conducted in cooperation with FPL.
3 www.schk.cz/kalendar-vystav-schk.html /CS Cat Show Results from 2010: FIFe Shows in Czech Republic
4 www.fff-asso.fr/joomla-fr/jce/les-resultats-d-exposition /FR Cat Show Results from 2012: FIFe Shows in France
5 www.ffh.ch/FR/ausstellungskatalog_und_bewertung_fr.htm /FR Cat Show Results from 2003: FIFe Shows in Switzerland
6 www.anfitalia.it/site/frontpage/risultati-expo.html /IT Cat Show Results from 2011: FIFe Shows in Italy

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