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1 www.barfnyswiat.org / PL Forum in Polish: Comprehensive source of information about Biologically Raw Food (BARF).
2 www.rawmeatybones.com / EN Raw Meat Bones (RMB) by Australian veterinarians Drs Tom Lonsdale, Breck Muir and Alan Bennett. Comprehensive quide.
3 www.ukbarfclub.co.uk / EN UK BARF Club. Tips, success stories, shop, articles, even books about it.
4 www.a-house-full-of-cats.com/barf.html / EN BARF Homemade Cat Food - How to Get Your Cats to Eat It. Great help for for people who want to know more about BARF.
5 www.catnutrition.org / EN Learning the fundamental facts about a cat's carnivoreness to avoid many common health problems, balanced RECEIPES to prepare food not only for healthy cats but in case of disease. Many TRANSLATIONS!

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