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About this website

Noncommerial project for NFO breeders' society all over the world.

The purpuse is to gather links to important websites in one place and classified into useful categories.

The content is moderated in order to avoid spam. Updates will be made as quickly as it will be possible but not at once :)


We DO NOT gather links to catteries, temporary links, shops or services. We DO NOT promote individual catteries.

We gather links to:

  • websites with LISTS of catteries
  • websites with pedigree databases
  • websites with important information concerning health (HCM Center Information..)
  • websites with databases with medical test results,
  • websites with rankings, show results,
  • websites with articles about NFO history
  • links to important FB Groups (but not concerning selling kittens) etc.

How to add new link

If you want to add new link follow instructions below:

  • choose appropriate category and at the top you have the link that will conduct you to the contact form. Please, just fill it carefully and send to us
  • or choose Contact and fill it carefully pointing out existing or proposing new category and send to us
  • or propose new link on our facebook group.


Please take it into consideration that the author cannot guarantee the validity and complexity of the information obtained by links presented on this website. If you need professional help especially concerning health and feeding practices just consult specialists.

Therefore, the owners of this website cannot be responsible for the appearance of any inaccurate or libelous information or for your use of the information contained in or linked from these web pages.

Feel free to use this baner if you want to promote this site:

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